Store Locations:

825 Maiden Lane  &  1323 W. Sunshine

Joplin Mo. 64801    Springfield Mo. 65801

417-621-0100             417-865-0100

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Mon.-Sat. 10:00am-6:00pm

Closed Every Sunday

Fax 417-621-0103

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1. Power off your computer when not in use.
2. Update windows and drivers regularly and always keep your antivirus programs on.
3. Keep the computer as clean as possible, call the store to arrange a cleaning if needed.
4. Do not set your laptop on a pillow, or any other area where air cannot get underneath the laptop to cool it.
5. Try not to move your laptop with one hand, always use two hands, one on each end, to move your laptop.

HomeTech Computers has several upgrades and add-ons for current customers to choose from. Upgrade to a larger monitor or a second monitor. Maybe you want a faster PC? Add some ram to
your tower or a new video card for increased gaming. Go wireless or add a desk, we have what you want when you need it.
*If you purchased your computer from us, the upgrade is done with free labor.*